Atlantic Ocean Challenge – 35 day voyage – Antigua to the UK!

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An epic voyage with a sense of accomplishment at the end


Deep Sea Ocean Sailing – For those that fancy just escaping for a whole month! Sail from Antigua to the UK, Jolly Harbour to Gunwharf Quays in Portsmouth.

This trip is not for the faint hearted but is a great opportunity to get some serious miles and ocean sailing experience in. The distance is about 3600 nautical miles. You will join the yacht in Jolly Harbour in Antigua on 4th January and after settling in will head out into the Atlantic Ocean and north to get away from the Easterly trade winds. As the wind comes round so you will be able to start make some proper progress west.

Depending on progress and the weather you may well stop off at the Azores (likely) before finally heading for the English Channel.

You may stop at the Azores on your Atlantic return to Portsmouth


A Yacht Fir for the Challenge

The Challenger 72 yacht was built for voyages like this. She has twice raced around the world in the BT Global Challenge. But she is far from being a stripped-out racing yacht. Everyone has their own comfy bunk with storage space; there is a spacious galley and saloon area; there are two heads and two showers; plus a watermaker!

Expect some upwind sailing, some downwind sailing, some lumpy seas and some lovely long Atlantic swell; fantastic sunsets, exhilarating sunrises, night time skies with every possible star shinning down on you; dolphins, whales especially if you go to the Azores, great friendships with crew mates to be made. It may well be quite hard going at times but the sense of achievement and personal satisfaction when you reach the UK will be enormous.

There will be a training weekend out of Gunwharf Quays in Portsmouth on 9/10th December.

For more details or to book visit: Antigua to Portsmouth – An Atlantic Adventure Or call 0203 006 3717

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