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Atlantic Rally for Cruisers is on the horizon for November 2021. A friendly race for sailors seeking a Transatlantic challenge with participants coming in a huge variety of vessels and experience.

From RYA Competent Crew to Round the World Race!

260 thousand miles and counting…. From a family holiday to a Round the World Race, Ricky Chalmers talks about his sailing career to date

Challenger 2 has reached the finish line in the ARC Rally 2019

Back on dry land You will no doubt be glad to hear our intrepid crew have safely made port in St Lucia after an epic trip across the Atlantic. Here at First Class Sailing it has been my honour to post the blog daily and most of the time I have merely posted the thoughts, Read more

ARC 2019 – Day 17 – Nearing the end of an amazing adventure

Only a day away With the crew of Challenger 2 around a day from the finish line today their thoughts are turning to being back on dry land, seeing loved ones and of course sampling some of the local rum! We wish them good luck for the final few miles of an epic trip and Read more

ARC Rally 2019 – St Lucia here we come!

Tuesday 10 December Becs and I are back on MF watch today, having taken over from the chuckle brothers Jim and Jason.  Personally I don’t get why they have a problem with getting up at 5.30 having been sailing half the night to cook a bunch of smelly crewmates breakfast Land ahoy! Sat here about Read more

ARC 2019 – DAY 16 – More stories from the Motherwatch

What a shower! Avid readers may be interested in the process of showering on the good ship Challenger 2 .  Our water production capacity allows for a shower every other day provided we all use minimum water. As we are very warm below deck and subject to random dowsing with sea water whilst on deck Read more

ARC 2019 – DAY 15 – Challenger 2 then surfs down into the wild foam and spray

Jim’s Blog – 2243 Nautical miles covered, computer says 740 Nm to go There’s been a perceptible change in the mood aboard Challenger 2 today, at least from my perspective and I think it’s shared by others. It seemed that after the half-way party (of which more later) which was excellent and a great release, the Read more

ARC 2019 – DAY 14 – What winds me up – penguins!

Ode to my Mum from Mothers Watch It was just past midnight when I glanced at our logbook before tucking into my bunk and noted that we had sailed 2,080 nautical miles with only 892 miles till the finish in St Lucia. I left word with the crew on watch to be woken promptly at Read more

The Countdown has begun…

Countdown… Off watch now, enjoying whales, mast climbing and also watching our arrival numbers tick down below the 1000Nm mark (were currently 980). We are all now estimating our arrival time, I’m looking forward to being able to speak with everyone at home, hearing how school, book clubs, tennis, work, rugby matches, sports and maybe Read more

Nuns, Pirates, Greek Godesses, Mermaids, Newly-weds, Sharks , Arabs, &  Ducks – A First Class Sailing Blog

The Fancy Dress Party Friday 6 December 1000 miles from anywhere and we are having a fancy dress party! Nuns, Pirates, Greek Godesses, Mermaids, Newly-weds, Sharks , Arabs, &  Ducks. Loud music and sun all on a boat rolling 15 degrees either way and speeding through the quartering swell. To me it felt great but Read more