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Hurricane Pablo started off as an innocuous looking low pressure system on 23 October that no one was paying much attention to. As this system began to develop, our annual voyage from Portsmouth to the Canaries was looking to cross the Bay of Biscay. The plan was to cross ahead of the incoming system, but as Read more

Gates of Hercules: Day 8-9 Biscay ’19

Passing through the Gates of Hercules From ancient mythology through to the Romans (perhaps even later) the Gates of Hercules held a special place in the folklore of seafarers. They were the place beyond which unknown hazards lay and monsters awaited. Today we passed outside rather than through the Gates, which we now know as Read more

Champagne Sailing: Day 6-7 Biscay ’19

Champagne sailing Many sailors would probably say their very best experience on the water is sailing fast, downwind, with the headsail poled out surfing down the waves, in bright sunshine. Without doubt a fair definition of champagne sailing. Today, after more than a week of hard sailing, with the wind on our nose, past France, Read more

Riders Of The Storm: Day 3-5 Biscay ’19

With a storm to ride out, the crew weren’t able to keep sending in a blog each day. So, we’ve collated the skipper’s daily logs into one blog to give an idea of what it’s like to be in a storm. Bracing for the Storm – Day 3 Skipper’s Log Date : 02/11/19 Time : Read more

Magical Dolphins & Cheeky Birds: Day 2 Biscay ’19

A magical dolphins sighting greets the crew of Challenger 2 this morning, before some cheeky stowaways are spotted. Cheeky Birds & Magical Dolphins For a long time this morning was had shoals of dolphins swimming alongside and jumping out of the water, truly magical scenes and now memories that will never be forgotten. We are Read more

A Race Against the Weather: Day 1 Biscay ’19

  And they’re off! Challenger 2 is already in a race against the weather The crew of Challenger 2 set sail from Portsmouth yesterday making the most of an easterly wind to take them across the Channel to towards the west coast of France. Overnight the winds have been variable, but that seems set to Read more

John Wins ETA Competition En Route To Las Palmas

  The Crew are into the final few days and sound at home aboard Challenger 3 on their ‘Deep Sea Adventure’. This blog is written by Hodgie, on the way to the volcanic island of Lanzarote, and Jonathon, who takes us to their final destination, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.   Champagne Sailing off Africa Read more

Electric Glowing Dolphins

    Dolphins in the bioluminescence   As we continue on the second leg of our journey, the question that seems to be on everybody’s mind is whether or not we will make it to Lanzarote in time to enjoy an evening of new culture, warm weather, good food a few drinks and lots of Read more

Under The Radar – US Warship Interception

    Which section of the Colregs deals with Warships again?   There is a saying that men and ships rot in port. I can tell the reader that by Friday morning we were rested and refreshed and with a bearable forecast of basically fine weather, we were ready to put to sea once again, Read more

Postcard From Cascais

  It isn’t all sailing on the voyage from Portsmouth to the Canaries. Where possible the crew will find a port to visit and enjoy the ‘amenities’. This blog is from Cascais in Portugal, a former royal summer retreat it has the country’s most expensive real estate markets. Even in port, the sea will always Read more