Solent Sailing on Saturday 24th September 2022

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Looking for something to do? How About Solent Sailing on 24th 2022?

Are you looking for something different to do on your next sail? How about Solent Sailing on Saturday 24th September 2022? Then Clive Loughlin is here to help with his latest article for Sailing today. Clive is an instructor  for First Class Sailing as well as a regular contributor for Sailing Today. His last article about circumnavigating the isle of white cab be found here.

In his latest article Clive offers three different itineraries for Sailing on the Solent On 24th September 2022.

Download the article yourself by clicking the link below.

Skills and Thrills – 24 Sept 2022.

Solent Sailing on Saturday 24th September 2022

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Solent Sailing on Saturday 24th September 2022 has been written by Clive Loughlin. An instructor for First Class Sailing. Adapted from his article from the October 2022 Issue of Sailing Today where he is a regular contributor.   

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