What does RYA Yachtmaster Ocean Theory teach you?

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This course is the highest RYA endorsed theory course you can take and will draw from and test all the theory you have been taught during your learning journey. However, that means it can be quite challenging to grasp what the course covers given its wide scope. That’s why this blog aims to help and give you answers. So what does RYA Yachtmaster Ocean Theory teach you?

What does RYA Yachtmaster Ocean Theory teach you?

What Does RYA Yachtmaster Ocean Theory teach you?

For centuries before the advent of GPS, radar, and the accuracy of modern cartography, sailors had to guide their ships across the seas by celestial navigation or nautical astronomy. On RYA Yachtmaster Ocean Theory you will learn how to fix your position with a sextant by observing the sun, moon, stars, and planets. For modern sailors, it is still vital to learn these ancient skills as an alternative to electronic tools. If you don’t have much experience using equipment such as a Sextant you could use our Celestial Sailing Weekends to brush up on your skills.

Who is this course for?

RYA Yachtmaster Ocean Theory is a high-level course ideal for those who hold the Yachtmaster certificate of competence who are readying themselves for their first ocean voyage. It’s also great for those with a keen interest in navigation and learning these traditional skills. As a minimum, it’s recommended that you’ve completed RYA Yachtmaster Coastal/Offshore Practical. Your navigation skills should be that of the Coastal Skipper and Yachtmaster Offshore shore-based courses. You’ll be provided a comprehensive set of materials to assist you with the course. 

What does RYA Yachtmaster Ocean Theory teach you?

How are you assessed on this course?

If you are taking the online version it isn’t possible to invigilate the exam over the internet to the standard set by the Maritime and Coastguard Agency. This matters if you have a plan to get the Ocean Yachtmaster Certificate of Competence one day. There are several ways around this.

  1. Sit the exam in your home. Upon successful completion we can issue a certificate endorsed as ‘non invigilated’. If you are taking the course for fun, this is a good option. However, if you take the Ocean Yachtmaster Certificate of Competence oral exam you’ll have to sit a written paper prior.
  2. Sit the exam with an RYA instructor. You can sit the exam with that person where ever you are in the country/world. That instructor then needs to send us the paper. If you’ve passed we can then issue an ‘invigilated’ certificate. This means if you take the oral Certificate of Competence test you will not need to sit a theory paper beforehand.

What does RYA Yachtmaster Ocean Theory teach you?

How is the course run?

You can take RYA Yachtmaster Ocean Theory one of three ways. In-person, online, and via zoom. It is run over 40 hours plus additional time for the exam at the end. However evening classes start at 6 pm with the weekend starting at 9 am. Start times for zoom classes will vary so best to check the timings of the specific course dates you’re interested in.

For dates and more information about RYA Yachtmaster Ocean Theory click the link below.



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